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In Berrien County at the Berrien County intermediate School District teachers and students experts with sewing machines have been requested to grade a prototype sewing machine. The sewing machine is biased on the much loved singer model 221 manufactured from 1933 through 1964, Singer manufacturing used a 3 piece all aluminum casting. I will modify 2 of the prior castings to include a micro cassette record and play back unit from Panasonic to deliver and retrieve fast track recorded lesson plans for evaluations. Phase 1,2,and 3 is respectively submitted to The Department of Education Institute of Education Science Writing history today. Singer has manufactured as many as 300,000 of the tools per year providing a sizable market. With the design of 4 practical modifications I have a national based market to support. Bishop Sewing Systems is certified as a small business. I have a SBA profile listing me as disadvantaged; I have instructions to file economically, socially and mentally, disadvantaged individual in a disadvantaged industry. I am living and working in a SBA HUB Zone. I have not served in the military. In the interest of National security Congress without a single objection created the Department of Education to protect national interests in public education. As a critical needs intervention and standardization to correct an interruption of proven methods and in compliance with the buy American act I request funding for the prototype and manufacture of a sewing machine for class instruction. CCR, SBA LISTED AS Education Management & Support, Commercial & Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing CAGE/NCAGE 48v19. SIC 3639, NAICS 333319 PSC AFC 9999, MCODE 1scotmike, TPIN 6898917.
Project Narrative Significance
I will deliver a tool designed; manufactured, fully documented supporting increased retained learning. American designed and manufactured in Berrien County MI combining long term proven methods with QPPSR restoring a federally displaced industry. With design approval of an America manufactured classroom tool in support of home economics class instruction. The design value is as a measurement tool supporting research. If funded the benefits of the tool for Dept of Education is vital for all student. I see this as a critical intervention of QPPSR toward positive review. With a goal supporting at risk students, average students, with special needs students for classroom interaction making a good case to prevent isolation. I studied and retested the goal I place forward as measurement standardization without classification preventing limitation, isolation, ending with incarnation. When I first started writing QPPSR at Clemson University with the support of Senator Strom Thurmond I wrote to president Clinton. I know there are minds able to create a praxis intervention with systematic methodology. The problem has been connecting that mind and the special needs student. Symbolic and interpretive anthropology can be measured with common interaction of educational experiences. My son Mike Born January 25 1990 tested in the top 2 percent of American students, and qualified for Duke University Gifted programs, Today he has a felony for using spray paint on city buildings and is a fugitive waiting to return to incarnation. I believe that QPPSR is that connection.
With a federally funded return to proven methods of industry driven educational support any targeted student group using QPPSR delivered with the introduction to sewing course the institute can measure retained levels of specific student levels of 10 modified subject of instruction before the student can be taught to thread the sewing machine. All intellectual properties from the research become the property of the institute to protect as special masters the phenomenology information prototyping modification for education. My first Phase is to hand build 12 tools and 10 course submissions I will try to cluster all twelve programs in Berrien County but will obtain 12 letters of intent from 12 Michigan School systems.
  1. Technical Problems.
I currently have global suppliers for every single part required to manufacture this measurement tool. To be significant to the standard of measurement protecting American Education the global supply chain cannot supply the quality of parts required to manufacture the machine to support the required critical agenda. I have chosen a Mirage finish it’s the latest in color technology creating a prismatic color effect based on body contours, angle of view and light source. I have to negotiate for the casting as when practical. As far as the machine they have to be perfect or the educators will loose confidence. I have used the design of a singer model 221 first manufactured in 1932. Several design modifications for information delivery and data collection in combination with the sewing machine based on a combination of already patented objects in a unique combination will be the property of the funded project. I live in a building built in 1840. The main and sub floor I lease. Leaving me the top 2 floors of 1890 sq feet each. Supporting my research. I have a measurement tool referred a synergy quilter on my web page @ Click Synergy Quilter and it is pictured painted black, less attractive than the mirage color.
The best way to predict future behavior is the past behavior. With out exception sewing taught in schools has enhanced the over all school system. It is a proven win. My 2009 submission is published @ Under Mission Statement with funding topics under Applications.
The tool is designed to support at risk children, students identified as previously left behind Americans of any age group, in any native language. My thoughts are, that a qualified instructor using the same tool but able to modify and implement instruction will be students currently using the same tool. They are a very small group, ;uccess is guarded without a student connection allowing improvement nationally measured and duplicated. Using the research tool as a platform allowing highly trained personal with proven programs become interactive creating a program played thru the machine. I have personal experience as a single father. Mike labeled with ADHD but later changed to disorders on the Autism spectrum earned a medical waver and was able to enlist into the army as a cook. My son was unable to complete the training requirements.
  1. Phase 1 Technical Objective
Planning and preparing mentally to manufacture the machine over and over. These 12 measurement tools are for the purpose of review and recommendations. Premier Tool & Die Corporation will contract the first casting for me.
Their Chief engineer gave a time line of 18 weeks for samples, with production 4 weeks at approving the samples. I will give an opinion that a sewing machine as a measurement tool is the only solution with the longevity to become a stable cost effective solution. It was a motor singer designed and Iran wanted that required our government to restrict singer engineering protecting national security. The result was a black day on the stock market with singer stock falling under $50.00 per share allowing a corporate raider to dismantle our only American provider of sewing education supporting local school districts. Without corporate support in public education the Dept of Education was created without a single objection, without adequate funding and unaware of the contribution of the sewing machine in public education. I propose a return to proven methods of industry driven education. I will be able to replace traditional sewing machine motors with a better motor that runs on a power cell recharged with classroom lighting. I called this measurement tool a Synergy Quilter A student at a early age that will not pay attention in class, if sat in front of a synergy quilter a without needle and a piece of paper with lines he will practice hand and eye coordination. Sewing the paper along the line that student cannot focus in the classroom, He does not know why; we do not have to know why to have a program for him able to focus able to feel good about interactions. Class project of any subject will be delivered through headphones and a micro tape unit built into the basic model. Phase 2 will see an improvement in the light. At 15 watts it does get hot and is not the most cost efficient method of lighting. The motor universally has to be finest motor available American made and ordered. Replacing the current design of digital switching for the armature connection being rechargeable and totally portable in nature. The phase 1 model and the proposed government sewing machine measurement tool uses a hand crank to sew, Without a motorized machine the students will be forced to slow down their expectations of project completion.
Injury is prevented by needle breakage prevented requiring advanced digital armature switching requiring the motor to stop. The motor will carry a 10-year replacement guarantee. I find myself happy with the decision. My design modification has the sewing machine as design platform with interchangeable extension arms. #1 addresses critical and special need students. The #2 is design for file delivery for mainstream technology and students. # 3 IS A ADVANCED REMOTELY PROGRAMMED Educators capable of fast track response file and data interchange for modification from public education to support the Department of Education research and development. My federal back to work program has a social commitment to supply the #3 platform to support families with ASD. All three-measurement tools are biased on the same platform. The platform has a service life proven of 78 years biased on the 1932 singer design ensuring a full 25-year life span. The research accessories for fast track research and support are developed and upgraded as needed. The measurement tool “synergy Quilter” stores 6 to a changing station on wheels. Design weight of 18 pounds and cordless. Sewing Education with industry support has lost popularity. The Unites States with out a sewing machine factory cannot be best served with a Chinese product. Sewing machines being China’s largest export item and credited with powering the tremendous growth of China.
My Facilities provide an excellent environment allowing fast track modifications.
  1. Bibliographical Summary of key Personal detailing Directly Related Work
Scott Lewis Bishop Born Niles MI November 23 1954 residing there still. Working for my parents’ sewing machine store, where I am currently until graduation from High School in 1973 at Buchanan MI. In 1973 I went to work for New Home Sewing Machine Company in Carlstadt New Jersey. My territory was east of the Mississippi being responsible for dealer sales, house accounts being larger stores and school districts. Returning home in 1980 building 4 fabrics stores. In 1973 I started distributing Nelco sewing machines in the greater United States. My position with Nelco positioned me next to the president of Nelco. Nelco was the major supplier to the United States, MILITARY sewing machines. He was responsible for importing Necchi from Italy and Elna from Switzerland. His design modifications resulting in the Necchi-Elna Sewing Machine Company built factories in Japan. I was granted a distributorship for the Midwest west region of the United States. In 1990 I was disabled forced to stopped working. I restart returning to work 2000. I became President of Muday Sewing Center a 40-year-old family sewing center. During my nearly 2 years there I supported as many as 20 public school’s education in home sewing with class room education using sewing machines as my cluster group supporting Return To Proven Methods of Industry Driven Public Education. I moved into the building that was my singer store since 1963 allowing me to work. This is my think tank, workshop, apartment, factory, design studio, computer center, research facility, and, warehouse. I am currently in research documentation for the correction and preservation of national standards in education management and support in the interests of national security as a critical submission to the Dept of Education
NOTICE: I have the desire for funding of PHASE 1 and PHASE 2; I require funding from Phase 1 to complete requests for Phase 2. National trials with as many measurement tools as can be manufactured and delivered within a $750.000.00 project budget. This phase will include a modification with teachers model allowing national data collection automatically uploaded by state universities. My phase three will include a federal military contract to win the hearts and minds of students in conflict zones using my sewing machine as a measurement tool to a global standardization in fundamental identification of education delivery and measurement. In have filed five requests to fund submissions with out funding for your consideration. This submission is as responsive as possible to address the critical needs and intervention reflecting my sixth submission, my fifth re-submission with a full funding request using quick books online reporting.
Scott Lewis Bishop